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Amazon Smile Introduced Charity Project

Amazon is known for its wide market in the world of internet. But now it has introduced a totally different and new project only for charity. This project can bring smile to many people, so it is named as Amazon Smile. It gives a scope to you also to do something for some one. You are indirectly involved in this process, because if you are going to purchase something from here, 0.5% value of purchase is going to be donated.


How Will The Donation Process Work?

Every time you shop from Amazon, it will automatically support your favorite charitable organization. Whenever you shop you will get all at exact same price, only a portion of this cost will be used for donation. There are millions of products which are eligible for donation present on Amazon smile. These products will be marked as “Eligible for Amazon Smile donation” on the page of product details. Various options like save purchases are not eligible for the time being. For Amazon smile you can use your same account which is on All your account settings such as shopping cart, wish list, wedding or baby registry will be same.

If You Want Your Charitable Organization To Be Listed:

You can get all the details at Before you start doing shopping you have to select a charitable organization for receiving donations from eligible purchase. If you want then you can even change your charity. If your selected organization doesn’t participate to the Amazon Smile program, then also after receiving the donation it will reallocate to other organization to receive it. The amount that has to be paid will be excluding of the taxes, gift wrappers and any other charges levied depending upon your choices. You will not receive any tax deductable amount donated from your purchase, because all donations are actually made by Amazon Smile Foundation.

Considering Factors To Activate An Organization:

If you want to register your charitable organization in Amazon Smile, you have to search by its name or ENI number at first. Many charity organizations have same names, so be sure that you have searched the correct one. After creating an organization administrative account on behalf of your organization you need to accept the Amazon Smile Participation Agreement. After that you have to verify your email address. Amazon is going to inform you about all the details of your donation process time to time. Donation check will not be applicable for emails. You need to submit the bank account details of your organization. To verify the account information you have to upload a copy of bank statement or voided check. If your organization has been authorized to any unauthorized person you can definitely contact Amazon.

So don’t miss the opportunity for helping others and be an active part of Amazon Smile foundation. Shop from there and help the charity organizations to grow. Being a part of this project you can make it successful and can be a motivation to others. Help to bring smile to others who are in need

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